Visual Basic Language

Name: Visual Basic Programming Language

Designed By : Microsoft

First Appeared in : 1991

Visual Basic Version 1.0 Released On : May 1991

         Visual Basic is an object based language developed by Microsoft Corporation. In Visual Basic, “Visual” refers to the method used to create what the user sees- the graphical user interface, or GUI. “Basic” refers to the BASIC programming language, a language used by more programmers than any other language in the history of computing. It is an Event Driven Programming Language because each object can react to different events such as a mouse click. Visual Basic is sometimes called a Rapid Application Development (RAD) system because it enables programmers to quickly build prototype applications.

         Programming in VB is a combination of visually arranging components or controls on a form, specifying attributes and actions for those components and writing additional lines of code for more functionality.

History Of VisualBasic :

         Visual Basic developed from BASIC programming language. In 1970, first BASIC (Beginner All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) was developed by Thomas Kurtz. After that in 1982, Quick BASIC for Microsoft DOS environment was developed by Microsoft Corporation. After that Microsoft environment also developed enhanced version of BASIC called Visual Basic for Windows. Many versions of BASIC are available at present.

Characteristics of VisualBasic :
  1. Visual Basic is a high level programming language.

  2. In Microsoft Windows to prepare any window based application, visual basic is an ideal programming language.

  3. Programmers can create both simple and complex Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications using it.

  4. Visual Basic enables developers to target Windows, Web and Mobile Device.

  5. It provides number of distinct type of tools which are very helpful for the development of windows application.

  6. It supports the feature of Drag and Drop for the graphical objects to insert it on the form.

Code for printing “Hello World” in VisualBasic:

Private Sub Form_Load ()

MsgBox “Hello, World”

End Sub