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# World’s Largest Wheel Loader

  • LeTourneau L-2350
  • World's Largest Wheel Loader
  • Wheel loader Mega Machine

LeTourneau L-2350

          The L-2350 loader from American earthmoving machinery manufacturer LeTourneau Inc. holds the Guinness World Record for Biggest Earth Mover. LeTourneau's 2,300 horsepower (1,715 kW) L-2350 offers a standard operating capacity of 160,000 pounds (72,574 kg) and a standard 53 cubic yard (40.52 m³) bucket. Its large loading height assures center-loading of haul trucks with payload ratings of 320 - 400+ ton (290 - 363+ tonne).

          LeTourneau's proven SR drive technology delivers a high level of performance and reliability.The LeTourneau Integrated Network Control System (LINCS®) is designed to help operators meet the challenges of even the most demanding surface mining applications. LINCS® provides instant, real-time feedback for operators, providing a wealth of information to adjust performance according to conditions.In fact, the L-2350 is the only wheel loader in the world that is designed to load the bigger Terex MT6300s."The L-2350 moves material quickly and efficiently and this loader provides more versatility than ever before,” said Lindsay Neven, General Manager, LeTourneau Technologies, at the company’s Head Office in Brisbane.


  • Operational weight: 258 tons

  • 2300 Horsepower

  • 16 Cylinder 65.0 Litre Detroit Diesel 4-cycle Turbocharged Aftercooler Engine (2300 hp) or 16 cylinder 60.0 Litre Cummins Diesel 4-cycle Turbocharged Aftercooler Engine (2300 hp)

  • Hydraulic lifting payload 72 tons Standard Bucket 40,52 m³

  • FuelTank 3974.68 Litre

  • Hydraulic Oil 1230 Litre

  • Tyres 70/70-57 SRG DT (diameter 4 m and width 1.78 m)

  • Cost $1.5M (2012)