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Anurag Singh Hada

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Shivendra Singh Hada

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- shivendrahada@curiousvilla.com

About Us

        CuriousVilla.com is an educational public website started by Shivendra Hada. It truely based on some magnificent stuff. Which will be quite usefull for people website provides the enormous services to our readers (Special Thanks To Them).
        All Most a Huge count of percentage, our clients(readers) are youths. We thrilly glad that we are able to fullfil our reader need and we hope that you will always be support like this. We ensure to our reader to update you always. We are working on our services day by day and continuously growing our site dynamically.

About Shivendra Hada

        Shivendra Singh Hada is the Webmaster, worked on various websites and owner of CuriousVilla.com. Have an experience of 3 years of website related stuffs and software development. Moreover, he is pursuing a degree in Computer Science Engineering.

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        We really want to hear from our visitors!! Here you can submit your ideas to us, request a new features, tell us what you like or dislike about CuriousVilla. Your suggestion is valuable for us..
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