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# Natasha - The X-rays Girl

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X-rays Girl - Natasha Demkina

          Natasha is a Russian women who claims to possess a special vision that allows her to look inside human bodies and see organs and tissues, and thereby make medical diagnoses. A seventeen-year-old Natasha Demkina has a growing number of patients, doctors, journalists, and others who are convinced her powers are real.

           In March 2004, the producer of a Discovery Channel documentary on Natasha Demkina asked the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) and the affiliated Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health (CSMMH) to scientifically test the young woman's claims. In response, CSICOP research fellows Ray Hyman, Ph.D. and Richard Wiseman, Ph.D., and I designed a preliminary test for judging whether her abilities warranted further, study. After Natasha, her mother, her agent, and the producer agreed to the test rules, we all flew to New York for filming the test on the City College of New York campus.

          Natasha Demkina claims she can see abnormalities down to the cellular level and her mother says her readings are 100 percent accurate. So the test which required her to match at least five of the target medical conditions to the correct subjects should have been a breeze. Natasha didn't have to scan their entire bodies for unknown conditions. She was told exactly what to look for and exactly where to look. Yet, it took her more than fours to complete the test and she only matched four of the conditions correctly a score that everyone prior to the test had agreed upon would not justify further testing.

           Natasha Demkina's dreams of becoming a doctor to do her work legally and save patients. Her mother consulted experts several times to confirm her daughter’s gift.


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