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Introduction to Masutatsu Oyama

           Masutatsu Oyama (July 27, 1923 - April 26, 1994) was born in the tiny village of Wa-Ryongri Yong-chi Myonchul Na Do, in Southern Korea. His family, considered aristocrats, belonged to the Yangban-clan. Oyama father, Sun Hyang, was the mayor of Kinje, a town near the village where Yong-I Choi was born. As a young child, nine years of age, Oyama began studying Southern Chinese Kempo under the instruction of Mr. Yi, an employee on the estate owned by Oyama's father.

           Masutatsu Oyama was a karate master who founded Kyokushin Karate, considered the first and most influential style of full contact karate. His family owned a farm and Oyama worked the land as a child. He got his first martial arts experience from learning a Chinese form of Kenpo from a farm hand. He was also known as Mas Oyama.

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               Mas Oyama(Masutatsu Oyama) is a martial arts master who became famous for killing bulls by punching them only once in the face. He would begin training at five in the morning, running up the steep slopes. Using large rocks as weights, he would lift them hundreds of times to increase his strength. In addition, he performed kata a minimum of one hundred times each day as well as hundreds upon thousands of repetitions of kihons (basic techniques), continuously pushing himself to the limits of human endurance. At the conclusion of his daily training, he would read various Buddhist writings and sit in zazen and meditate. It was also at this time that Oyama began to contemplate the idea of the circle and point for his karate. He also began visualizing himself defeating a bull with his bare hands. If he could get strong enough and powerful enough that he was able to defeat a bull with his karate, he would become famous.

    # Techniques of Kyokushin karate

    kyokushin karate            Masutatsu Oyama nicknamed “The Godhand” for his incredible striking power, Mas Oyama is the only man known to have completed a 300-man kumite, or spar, in three days. Mas Oyama also enjoyed testing himself in Kumite, which is the Japanese word for getting jumped by a hundred dudes at once and beating them all into bloody stumps. Over the course of three days, Masutatsu Oyama fought 300 sparring matches, one after the other, and defeated all comers. Mas Oyama was so tough that even on the third day of nearly non-stop fighting people who were blocking his punches were ending up with broken arms. When it was all over, Oyama thought the kumite was so awesome that he made a 100-man battle the requirement for getting your fourth-degree black belt in Kyokushinaki Karate.

    # Masutatsu Oyama - Can Kill bull with one blow

              Mas Oyama, in order to show the strength of his karate, tested his strength by fighting raging bulls bare-handed. It was a mismatch from the get-go for the bulls, not for Oyama. In all, he fought 52 bulls, three of which were killed instantly, and 49 had their horns taken off with knife hand blows. That it is not to say that it was all that easy for him.

               Oyama was fond of remembering that his first attempt just resulted in an angry bull. In 1957, at the age of 34, he was nearly killed in Mexico when a bull got some of his own back and gored him. Oyama somehow managed to pull the bull off and break off his horn. He was bedridden for 6 months while he recovered from the usually fatal wound. Today of course, the animal rights groups would have something to say about these demonstrations, despite the fact that the animals were all destined for slaughter.

              Mas Oyama, a non-smoker, died of lung cancer in 1994 at the age of 70, but his legacy continues to live on. His famous all-world karate tournaments, where masters of all styles could come together and fight each other, serve as the basis for the plot of nearly every fighting game ever, he was the main character in a couple of utterly-terrible Sonny Chiba movies called "Champion of Death" and "Karate Bear Fighter".


    * Techniques of Masutatsu Oyama Kyokushin-naki Karate

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