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  • Isao Machii The Super Human
  • Sword Skills Master Isao Machii

Sword Skills Master - Isao Machii

          Isao Machii(August 20, 1973) is one of the most popular superhumans on planet earth. Isao Machii has the skill to make martial arts cool again but this time it will not be men masked in black and white, the sword wielding heroes will come in the form of the Samurai.

           Although his sword skills are honed from years of practice, there is an element of SuperHuman ability when it comes down to the astounding reactions that Isao displays. His responses are far superior to those of a normal human being. He is now headmaster of his own samurai school.

He holds a number of Guinness World Records for his sword skills, including:

  • Most martial arts sword cuts to one mat (suegiri)

  • Fastest 1,000 martial arts sword cuts

  • Most sword cuts to straw mats in three minutes",[4] and "Fastest tennis ball (820 km/h) cut by sword


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