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  • Gino Martino - The Human Anvil

               John Ferraro (born November 28, 1970) is an American professional wrestler. He was best known by his ring name GINO MARTINO. Gino Martino is also have nicknames "The Human Anvil" and "Hammerhead". Ferraro has wrestled for Chaotic Wrestling, the Millennium Wrestling Federation, New England Championship Wrestling, NWA New England, etc and also in other parts of the US as well as in Canada and Europe. Gino was a fan of pro wrestling growing up and followed the World Wide Wrestling Federation during the late 1970s and early 80s. Ferraro has held championship titles in numerous promotions in his career. Gino Martino started bodybuilding and weightlifting during his teenage years and eventually became a state power lifting and olympic-style weightlifting champion.

               Gino Martino has a super human skull enabling him to break concrete over his head, he has also had bowling balls dropped onto his skull from a height of 15 feet. He recently set the Guiness world record for having 45 concrete blocks split over his head. According to doctors this Super Human has a super thick skull. That is not something that can be learned so please don’t try to replicate his achievements. Gino Martino's skull was subject to an MRI at the Brigham and Woman's Hospital(Harvard Medical School)and found to be 2.3 times thicker then average human skull.


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