Islam's Origin, History, Scripture, Belief, Festivals, Founder of Islam Religion



           The word Islam means 'submission to the will of God'. Islam is the second largest religion in the world with over 1 billion followers. There are around 2 millions Muslims in Britain, around 2.7% of the population.

      Islam began in Arabia and was revealed to humanity by the Prophet Muhammad. Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe there is one true God Allah (the Arabic word for God) Muslims believe that God is one and incomparable and that the purpose of existence is to worship God Muslims identify the prophets of Islam as those humans chosen by God to be his messengers. According to the Quran, the prophets were instructed by God to bring the "will of God" to the peoples of the nations. Muslims believe that prophets are human and not divine.

The Five Pillars of Islam are an essential part of Muslim life. These pillars are:

  • The declaration of faith (Shahada)

  • Praying five times a day (Salat)

  • Giving money to charity (Zakah)

  • Fasting (Sawm)

  • A pilgrimage to Makkah at least once in a lifetime(Hajj).

Symbol Of Islam:

* Aum - Symbol of Hinduism

             The star and crescent moon is an internationally-recognized symbol of Islam. The symbol is featured on the flags of several Muslim countries. The star and crescent symbol only became associated with Islam in the mid-20th century, in the national flags of various successor states of the Ottoman Empire.

             By the 1970s, this symbolism was embraced by movements of Arab nationalism or Islamism, such as the proposed Arab Islamic Republic (1974) and the American Nation Of Islam.


  • Muslims believe that God is the creator of all things, and that God is all-powerful and all-knowing. God has no offspring, no race, no gender, no body, and is unaffect ed by the characteristics of human life.

  • Muslims believe that on the Day of Judgment, humans will be judged for their actions in this life; those who followed God's guidance will be rewarded with paradise; those who rejected God's guidance will be punished with hell.

  • Muslims believe that God revealed holy books or scriptures to a number of God's messengers. These include the Quran (given to Muhammad), the Torah (given to Moses), the Gospel (given to Jesus), the Psalms (given to David), and the Scrolls (given to Abraham). Muslims believe that these earlier scriptures in their original form were divinely revealed, but that only the Quran remains as it was first revealed to the prophet Muhammad.

The main Muslim scripture is:

* Quran Of 11th Century

             The Muslim holy book is called the Quran. Muslims believe this to be the word of Allah as dictated to Muhammad. They also have the Sunnah, which Muslims believe to be the practical example of Prophet Muhammad.
           The Islamic holy books are the records which most Muslims believe were dictated by God to various prophets


  • Muharram (1 Muharram): The Islamic New Year.

  • Mawlid al-Nabi (12 Rabi 1): Prophet Muhammad's Birthday.

  • Eid al-Fitr (1 Shawwal): The Celebration concluding Ramadan.

  • Eid al-Adha (10 Dhu'l-Hijjah): The celebration concluding the Hajj.


             Muslims worship in a building called a Mosque. On Friday at noon, the most important of the weekly services is held. When Muslims pray, they must always face Makkah.

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