Top 10 Banks in India

1. State Bank of India

         The leading bank of India in 2015 is State Bank of India, which has been serving customers since 1955 and has more than 17000 branches in the country in addition to 27000 branches, where more than 3 lakhs people are employed. The bank shared a 20% chunk in the banking sectors of the country and its asset management value is $ 390 billion. All these banks have received recognition for serving the customers in addition to generating massive profits.

2. ICICI Bank

                    With net assets managed equaling $ 99 billion, ICICI Bank features next on the list of current top 10 banks in the country. The bank is acclaimed for its customer friendly policy and fast services. It has nearly 3540 branches and 11000 ATMs around the country.

3. Punjab National Bank

            Punjab National Bank, which has asset management of $ 90.9 billion. Additionally, the bank has an extensive network in the country, with more than 5800 branches and 6000 ATMs spread in all corners of India.

4. Bank of Baroda

           From the asset management point of view, Bank of Baroda comes on the fourth position in the list. The bank was set up way back in 1908 and currently carries its business through 4200 branches and 2000 ATMs around the nation. The bank manages assets worth nearly $ 73 billion.

5. HDFC Bank

          HDFC Bank, which has been providing excellent banking services since its establishment in 1994. The bank operated through 3200 branches and 12000 ATMs in 1400 cities across India and has net asset management worth $ 66.7 billion.